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  1. im-still-elegant said: OH MY GOD JBA
  2. personality—cult said: baby!
  3. ilikeyoubutno said: OHMYGOD JBA I MISS YOU

    Heyyy, ahah! I was just seeing if anybody is still on here anymore. I’m glad some swagitos stuck around! Feels really weird saying that s-word after such a long time.
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Hi. :)

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bieber-blowjob said: so are you justin :c ?

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Anonymous said: I need your advice but your never here :(

Then talk to me on my personal.

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Anonymous said: were u the first anon

I think I was the first anon to get the amount of success I did, thanks to you all. :)

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senzai-ichigu said: u Issy, i mean JBA, are sooo Justin... u know what i mean?... just sayin... :P

Yeah, ahah, I get that a lot. :P

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Anonymous said: bow chicka bow WOW


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Anonymous said: I hope one day i can found a boy like you in my life <3

… Me too, ahah, me too.

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Anonymous said: You're one of the most inspirational people in the anon world to me, and even if you're not on as much anymore, you're still such an amazing person, and will always be my favourite anon, and you're here for the right reason, which I believe other anons should take note of. I've known you since I was 13 and Im now 15, but you've gotten me through suicide, and bad times, so I wanted to say thank you Issy. Or should I say JBA:)

I just want to hug you so tight that you beg me to stop. I love you a lot, you don’t understand. I’m so glad you made it through those hard times, but I’m honored to say I was there to help you. You’re incredible and don’t ever stop believing that. I love you, I love you, I love you. Thank you. :)

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Anonymous said: still convinced your really justin tho

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stylincakes replied to your video: IT’S BEEN TWO YEARS!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!Can you…

this made me so so so so happy :,)

Good, I’m glad :)

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Anonymous said: Holy crap... Two years since you've started this. You were, and still are my biggest inspiration in the anon world. I remember freaking out when you replied to me. Hahaha But thank you for ever making this tumblr. Thank you so much. Im sure I can say this for all anons, you are the best anon we have ever had on tumblr. Keep smiling Issy. We love you.

That’s an honor to be called something like that. I can’t even believe you’d call me that, aha. I wish you weren’t on anonymous, so we could talk more. But I just want to say that I love you and thank you for providing the current smile on my face. I can’t believe it’s been two years already.

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Anonymous said: we love you more we do we do.

Impossible, I love you most.

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therustedpetals said: Congrats on two years, beautiful :)

Thank you so much, gorgeous. :)

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